MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition d-version v13.0.2.1

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MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition d-version v13.0.2.1

Magix Music Maker станет лучшим подарком для тех, кто хочет окунуться в мир музыкального творчества. Этот действительно уникальный пакет включает в себя полупрофессиональную программу для создания музыки и MIDI-клавиатуру. За основу программы был взят движок известнейшего аудиоредактора Samplitude, который активно используется в звукозаписи. Программа Music Maker поможет расположить музыкальные фрагменты, называемые семплами, на временную шкалу и создать законченный трек. В альтернативе, MIDI-клавиатура может быть использована для создания музыки. Как и во всей линейке продуктов Magix, в программе Music Maker присутствует большое количество ассистентов задач и обучающих видеороликов. Кнопка «One Click» и огромный выбор семплов помогут вам создать собственный хит в кратчайшие сроки. Несмотря на свою направленность на любителя, эта программа сможет удовлетворить и самые высокие запросы профессионального музыканта. В вашем распоряжении окажется набор всех необходимых инструментов: 5.1 Surround mixing, полноценный мастеринг, автоматизация эффектов, виртуально-аналоговый синтезатор Revolta 2, симулятор усилителя, поддержка плагинов VST и DirectX и многое другое.

MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition offers advanced algorithms and with its highly-developed studio functions is a convincing tool for those who want more: complete mastering, 5.1 Surround mixing, effect automations, Revolta 2 – the virtual-analog flagship, amp simulation, music editor for detailed audio editing with up to 48 kHz, 96 tracks, expanded video editing and more! Discover the advantages of the Producer Edition for producing your own songs, beats and soundtracks. Additionally new in the Producer Edition: Live Performer & Elastic Audio, over 3,500 current sounds & new instruments, all upgradeable via VST and DirectX®.

Start your music projects
The Arranger is the heart of MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition. Combine your sounds, loops and MIDI data on more than 96 tracks to complete your song!
Plus, internationally successful star producers have gathered together an enormous, exclusive sound archive: Over 3,500 current sounds form an especially high quality and unbelievably diverse launch pad for your projects, either to help you get started or to complete your existing sample archive.

New! Vital Instruments™ – the new standard
MAGIX Vital Instruments™ are samples in premium quality. Instruments developed by sampling specialists yellow tools combine real recorded instruments with the natural sound characteristics and typical play behaviour of musicians. The advantage: Instruments that sound just like the original with unique fade behavior, up to 11 volume levels, string resonance, sliding string sounds and more! Experience the fascinating sound library with unbelievable faithfulness to detail and a wide spectrum of various instruments. With the Sound Controller Vita you can access all parameters directly.

New! Revolta 2 & other synthesizers
Revolta 2 shows the full potential of virtual-analog sound synthesis. Plenty of features like 12-voice polyphony, Noise Generator, modulation matrix and an integrated effects section offer lively sounds for any kind of electronic music. The integrated effect section and a handy Step Sequencer complete the function range. Get excited about the new flagship.

New! Live Performer
Produce engaging songs in an entirely new way with the Live Performer: Live and in real-time! Imagine being able to select parts of songs, loop them, create endless combinations and play it all back with your keyboard or with a MIDI keyboard.

Up to 16 Live Pads are additionally available to trigger individual samples and loops. Discover a new kind of producing style, developed for clubs and stage performances, and create new songs live.

Recording & Sampling
MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition opens the door to studio standard audio recordings for you. Thanks to easy operation, every recording process becomes a creative session. One click, and recording is on. Want to sample yourself and build your recordings into your own songs? No problem! With MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition you can build up your own sample archive, record vocals or instruments live, and then optimize them and edit them after.

ProAudio Technology
MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition is based on the Samplitude® audio technology, the professional standard in sound studios, radio stations and TV stations around the whole world.
The advantage: 20 years experience, absolute sound neutrality and outstanding effect algorithms.

Beats, drums and grooves
Would you like to build beats that are clearly different form the others? Robota, the ultimate beat machine, is the first choice when it comes to creative grooves and expermiental drum sounds. Not only is Robota especially intuitive to use, but the sound spectrum clearly goes much further than representatives from the 808 and 909 era. The advantage: You have limitless possibilities for deigning your grooves. If you need a convincingly realistic drum beat right away, then grab LiViD, the virtual drummer with human behavior.

NEW! Upgradeable
MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition allows free and easy integration of plug-ins from other providers via VST and DirectX®.

Your advantage: You can upgrade the functions as you please and adjust them to your own wishes. In this way you can, for example, embed additional new effect and synthesizer plug-ins from third party providers using these standard interfaces! Enjoy the advantages of an open system.

Mixing & effects
Take advantage of the tidy mixing console and the high quality studio effects, like MAGIX VariVerb: This flexible studio reverb simulates acoustic space of every kind – ideal, for example, for vocals.

The master track offers an independent effect section for two VST and DirectX® FX plug-ins. Even for the most complex effect automations can be drawn in and edited with a pencil tool.

Elastic Audio
Elastic Audio is the specialist for audio editing of monophone audio signals, like vocals and solo instruments. Single syllables are automatically subdivided into slices and their pitch can be edited independent of each other!
Tune your vocals to the tee or create a choir with up to 4 vocals using the intelligent Harmonizer, which adjusts itself automatically on the pitch selected.

Elastic Audio easy is the ideal tool for experimental drum editing.

Your own music video
With MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition you can import videos, cut them to match your song and then apply detailed editing. Music and film is displayed comprehensively on the same interface.

In addition to this, with Producer Edition a controller interface for directing video effects is available. Discover completely new possibilities which result from the combination of sound and film.

The world of podcasts
Would you like to create your own podcasts and publish your own shows online? With MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition you can do both in a flash. Publishing of your audio reports can be done with just a click, and you can concentrate completely on the content of your podcast broadcasts.

NEW! Live user chat & knowledge portal
Imagine having an answer to all of your questions about producing music. Integrated live user chat offers you the possibility immediately and without time delay to exchange with other user: Just launch the communicator, enter your question and wait for the answer online. Good contacts will be produced quickly who can help you move forward with your music projects.

If that doesn't help, then take a look at the new online knowledge portal for information all about music production.

Additional functions with Producer Edition
- NEW! Structure song arrangements comprehensively
- NEW! Start assistant with instructional videos and much more
- NEW! Power Chords: dynamic distortion guitars
- Remix Maker: Import and remix CDs & MP3s
- Amp Simulation: Guitar amplifier with speaker simulation
- Music Editor 2.0: Detailed audio editing with up to 48 kHz
- Video editing: Capturing and advanced video editing
- Vintage effects suite: Chorus, flanger, analog delay, filter, etc.
- BitMachine: Sample and bit rate reduction

В вашем распоряжении окажется набор всех необходимых инструментов: 5.1 Surround mixing, полноценный мастеринг, автоматизация эффектов, виртуально-аналоговый синтезатор Revolta 2, симулятор усилителя, поддержка плагинов VST и DirectX и многое другое.

Превратите ваш компьютер в интеллектуальный музыкальный центр:
- быстрый импорт,
- редактирование,
- легкое управление,
- прямой учет Интернет-радио и надежная передача для MP3 плееров, мобильных телефонов и карманных компьютеров.

Особенности продукта:
- Простой в использовании интерфейс;
- Распознание гармонии;
- 4х полосный эквалайзер;
- Remix Maker 2.0 и Remix Agent 2.0;
- VariVerb;
- Synchro filter;
- Vintage Effects Suite;
- BitMachine.

Простой интерфейс
Новый интерфейс! Новое Звучание! Полностью обновлен пользовательский интерфейс и оптимизирован дизайн для получения 100% удовольствия от создания музыки.

Magix Harmony Agent
Полная гармония! Хотите играть или аккомпанировать ваш любимый хит на гитаре или клавишных? Magix Harmony Agent покажет вам нужные баре и аккорды.

4х Полосный Эквалайзер
С новым, 4х полосным эквалайзером вы можете настраивать дорожки на идеальное звучание. Для быстрой настройки используйте 4 регулятора, а для экспертов, все настройки находятся в меню Edit.

Magix Remix Maker 2.0 и Magix Remix Agent 2.0
Микшируйте одним щелчком мыши. Обновленный Magix Remix Maker 2.0 вместе с Magix Remix Agent 2.0 автоматически распознают ритм выбранной мелодии и делят ее на отдельные звуковые блоки. Далее. Блоки могут быть скомбинированы в любом порядке.

Эффект фильтра, синхронизованного с темпом мелодии. С новым утилит ModFilter от Magix Vintage Effects Suite вы можете подобрать подходящий ритм для вашего аудио.

MAGIX BitMachine предоставляет возможность воспроизведения звука lo-fi, пионерского стандарта цифровой музыки.
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